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TreeHuggers DIY Kit

TreeHuggers has exciting news! Our All-In-One Tree Band Kit is coming soon to our website! 


This kit makes it easy for anyone to install a high quality, great looking and effective tree band in just a couple minutes time. It comes pre-assembled in a roll with everything you need to protect your tree on a professional level. This kit will be available in 6'-0" & 10'-0" lengths and can be trimmed to fit between sizes. 


Each Kit Includes:

-Complete Tree Band

-Insect Adhesive in resealable container

-Insect Adhesive Spreaders (X2)

-Instructions & Warranty Information


About the Band: Consists of UV-protected graphic layer with self-adhering end-flap to provide a secure fit. Made from 100% recycled material that is even biodegradable. The graphic print is produced using an eco-friendly latex process that emits no harmful bi-products. The band's underside is comprised of recycled polyester-based fibre that fills even the deepest of bark grooves, ensuring that no inesct is able to penetrate from underneath the band. This material acts as a quick-drying, breathable fibre that doesn't retain excess moisture. This trait helps reduce the risk of bark-rot over the band's lifespan of one calendar year. 


TreeHuggers DIY Kit

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